How to Rotate the Screen on Your Acer Laptop

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The screen of an Acer laptop can be rotated or flipped.

The newest models in the Acer Aspire line of notebook computers include the ability to rotate the screen image on the laptop's display. By performing a simple keyboard shortcut, you can flip your screen upside down or rotate it 90 degrees. This feature may be useful if you do not need to use the laptop's keyboard and would rather hold the machine in an alternate way when reading a document or viewing media.


Step 1

Start up your Acer Aspire laptop and log in to the Windows operating system.

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Step 2

Close any open programs and click anywhere on the desktop.

Step 3

Press the "ctrl" and "alt" keys at the same time and hold them both down.


Step 4

Press the left or right arrow keys to rotate the screen image by 90 degrees in one direction. Press the down arrow key to flip the screen image.


Step 5

Hold down the "ctrl," "alt" and up arrow keys to return your screen image to the normal orientation.




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