How to Create a Mirrored Image in Excel

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How to Create a Mirrored Image in Excel. Microsoft Excel software works great as a spreadsheet but many people don't know it has a wonderful editor that allows you to bring in an object and manipulate it as needed. Excel allows you to mirror an image for photos, iron ons, special front stickers and special watermarks or just about anything you could think of. Excel follows the Windows software menu system with the standard menu options as well as other options that will help you manipulate and edit pictures and objects that have been pasted in.


Step 1

Select or create the image you wish to manipulate in just about any software program you want. The image can be simple or intricate, homemade or an object that you found in an obscure photo album.

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Step 2

Click the image so that the entire object is highlighted. This will ensure that whole image will be copied to Excel.


Step 3

Right click and select "Copy." Open or go to the Excel window and click on the cell where you want the image to be.

Step 4

Pick "View" from the top of the Excel window. If there is not a check mark next to the Drawing toolbar option, click "View," "Toolbars" and "Drawing." A separate toolbar along the side, bottom or top of your window will appear.



Step 5

Choose the "Draw" option on the Drawing toolbar. In most versions of Excel it has an arrow pointing up or down next to it. A pop up window will appear next to it. Click "Rotate or Flip" and then "Flip Horizontal" or "Flip Vertical" depending on how you want or image to look.

Step 6

Drag the outer corner of your image inward or out to change the size.



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