How to Send an Image to the Back in Excel

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How to Send an Image to the Back in Excel. You can send an image to the back in Microsoft Excel 2007 by using the "Send to Back" button that you'll find on the Format ribbon. This option will move a selected image behind any other images in the Excel workbook.

Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel 2007 and insert at least two images into a new Excel workbook or open an existing workbook that already contains at least two images.


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Step 2

Click to select the image that you want to send to the back of the Excel workbook. This means that any other image would cover this image if it overlapped the selected image. The image will have white sizing handles around it indicating that it is selected.

Step 3

Choose the "Format" tab at the top of the Excel screen, just under the "Picture Tools" tab at the very top of the screen. Clicking this tab will display the Format ribbon which displays all the commands you can use to format the selected image.


Step 4

Click the small arrow just to the right of the "Send to Back" button in the "Arrange" section of the Format ribbon.


Step 5

Select the "Send to Back" option to send the image all the way to the back of the workbook. This means that all the other images will cover the image if overlapped on top of it. Select the "Send Backward" option to send the image one step backward. This means that you can you use the "Send to Back" option to set another image to appear behind the selected image, but most images will appear in front of the image unless they are sent to the back.



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