How to Create a News Intro in Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing program from Microsoft. It can be used to create and edit video footage in a wide range of formats. Windows Movie Maker features an extensive array of editing tools and templates for quickly arranging footage into professional presentations. With clever use of the built-in tools, users can replicate a professional news intro sequence for any homemade video project. Creating a news intro should only take an hour or two to complete.


Step 1

Open Windows Movie Maker.

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Step 2

Click on "File" in the program toolbar, then select "New." Select a template from the template menu if you wish to start with a preexisting video template. Select "Blank" if you wish to start with a blank presentation.


Step 3

Click on "File" in the program toolbar, then select "Import Media Items." This will bring up a file browsing window. Use this window to locate any video footage you wish to use in your news intro. Highlight any desired footage and click "OK" to import the footage into your presentation.


Step 4

Drag-and-drop imported files onto the video time line to add them to the presentation. Click on the ends of any file in the time line to change the cursor into a resizing arrow. Drag the cursor left and right to crop and edit individual files. Arrange the footage in the desired order on the time line using the mouse.


Step 5

Click on "Tools" in the program toolbar, then select "Transitions" to open the Transitions menu. Use the Contents pane to browse through available transition effects. Click "Add to Timeline" when you are satisfied with a transition to add the transition to your time line. Transitions can be used to add a sense of professionalism to your opening. Use transitions, such as Cross-fade and Iris, to cut smoothly between different video files in your opening.


Step 6

Click on "Tools" in the program toolbar, then select "Titles and Credits." This will bring up the Titles and Credits menu. Use the initial menu screen to determine where the title will be placed on the screen. Once you have selected the appropriate location, enter the desired title text in the text field. Use creative placement of titles and credits to add professional flourish to your intro. Titles can be used to display news anchor names. Use the "Font" and "Color" options to customize the displayed text.



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