How to Create A Public Profile On LinkedIn

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To create a profile on LinkedIn using the LinkedIn mobile device application, the LinkedIn home page, or Facebook, you just need an email address. LinkedIn provides both free and premium networking memberships. Even if you have a job, LinkedIn is useful for professional networking. You can also use LinkedIn to keep your resume updated and to stay current on industry news.

Register For Free

Use the LinkedIn Mobile Application

After you download the LinkedIn mobile application from your App Store, click Join now.

Choose a strong password and click Join now. Fill out the following pages with your information.

Edit and finish your profile.

Use the LinkedIn Home Page

To register, fill out the registration form on the LinkedIn home page. Use your full first and last name, your email address, and a strong password.

Register With Facebook

To sign up for LinkedIn using your Facebook account, click Continue with Facebook.

Review the permissions required and click Okay.

Create a strong password and click Continue.


  • Use different passwords for all sites
  • Capitalize passwords randomly
  • Use symbols and numbers in your passwords
  • Do not use a complete word from the dictionary for your password
  • Passwords should be at least ten characters long

Create Your Professional Profile

After you register, fill in the profile form and click Create my profile.

Add your email address and click Continue.

You will have the opportunity to either Get the app on all your devices or to Skip this step.

Click either Choose Premium or Choose Basic public profile.

Create Your Full Profile

Customize your profile by adding sections to showcase your expertise including a photo, your education, and certificates.


Tips on keeping your account secure:

  • Never give out your password or write it down.
  • Review your Privacy Settings and make them more secure.
  • Enable two-step verification.
  • Make sure you are using Secure Browsing.
  • Change your password.
  • Never give out personal account information.