How to Create an Adobe Stamp

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Adobe stamps provide a unique means for adding your own personal signature or seal to a PDF document.
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The Adobe Acrobat software platform provides users with a wide variety of tools that can dramatically increase the capabilities and functionality of an otherwise standard PDF document. For many professionals, Acrobat has become an integral part of their modern workflow, helping to optimize and streamline the efficiency of document sharing and collaboration.


Adobe stamps provide users with the ability to introduce dynamic fields onto a document that can be completely customized as needed. Understanding how to create these stamps inside of your next PDF only requires a few relatively straightforward steps.

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Adobe stamps provide a unique means for adding your own personal signature or seal to a PDF document. If you are ready to create a stamp in PDF documents, you can do so relatively easily in Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Stamp Fundamentals

Generally speaking, an Adobe stamp is the electronically formatted version of the standard rubber stamp used for paper documents today. The primary function of the stamp is to allow individuals to certify or attach their own personal addendum to a PDF document which is automatically updated based on the current time and date, among a number of other parameters.


For example, if Person A sends a PDF document to Person B, the latter can certify that they have received the document by using the stamp tool. The stamp itself could automatically incorporate the current time and date, as well as the name of Person B. Again, the high degree of customization allowed when creating stamps means that Person B could tailor their stamp as needed.


In fact, stamps can include a variety of different fonts, colors, sizes and images. Essentially, the stamp can become both a logistical and creative extension of your current PDF workflow.

Creating a PDF Stamp With Editable Fields

In order to begin creating a stamp, your first step should be to open the PDF document you wish to stamp. From here, navigate to the Tools menu option, then select Comment, followed by Stamps and Show Stamps Palette. At this point, you should be presented with a variety of options regarding how you wish to design your stamp. Although you can further customize the details of the stamp later, select a template that you would like to use at this time from the menu.


Drag the stamp onto the PDF document where you would like it to be placed. If you would like to resize the stamp at this time, you can do so by clicking and dragging the corner handles. You can also rotate your stamp by hovering your mouse over a corner until the rotation icon appears.

The Properties menu will display various characteristics of the stamp that can be changed at this time. For example, if you wish to modify the color or the opacity of your stamp, you can do so at this time.


Custom Stamp Opportunities

If you have decided that none of the stamp options available fit your current needs, you can create your own custom stamp by right-clicking a stamp option inside of the Stamps Palette mentioned previously and then selecting the Edit option. Here, you should find numerous tools available that will allow you to modify your PDF stamp with editable fields and allow you to act as your own PDF stamp creator. If you would like to delete your custom stamp, you can do so by selecting your custom stamp category and pressing the Delete button.