How to Import Publisher Files Into Photoshop

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Microsoft Publisher allows you to make personalized publications and marketing materials of a wide variety, from flyers to business cards to websites. You can use customized templates, track your marketing campaigns and use tools to begin branding your own business. No matter what type of document you create in Publisher, it is often helpful to be able to import those files into other programs such as Photoshop. Perhaps you want to send the documents to your colleagues but need a file format that is viewable. Whatever the reason, one way to do this is to import your Publisher files into Photoshop and turn them into JPEGs.


Step 1

Open your document in Microsoft Publisher. Edit your document as best you can in Publisher before importing it.

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Step 2

Click the "File" menu. Click "Publish as PDF or XPS." By first saving the document as a Portable Document Format (PDF), you will embed all colors, fonts and images into the file exactly as you have them in Publisher. It guarantees that your files will be preserved in high quality. It's also a sure way to know your document will be able to import into Photoshop.


Step 3

Click in the "Save as Type" list and select "PDF." Click "Publish."

Step 4

Open Photoshop. Click "File." Select "Open." Find the PDF file that you just created and click "Open." An "Import PDF" window will appear showing your PDF. Photoshop immediately turns the file into a Photoshop PDF. If your document is more than one page and you want to import all the pages, click on "Pages" and press "Shift" as you select all the pages.



Step 5

Press "OK." Photoshop will open each page as a separate document. Do any Photoshop editing that you choose.

Step 6

Click "File." Click "Save As" to save the file as a different format such as JPEG.

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