How to Create Text Gradient with InDesign

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How to Create Text Gradient with InDesign. Adobe's InDesign is used at newspapers, magazines and public relations companies. Once this software is mastered, the creativity options are vast. InDesign offers more design options than its predecessors, such as how to create a text gradient.

Create the Gradient

Step 1

Choose the Gradient command from the swatches palette or panel.

Step 2

Pick a name for the new swatch you want to create for a text gradient.

Step 3

Select "Linear" or "Radial" in the Type field depending on how you want to create your text gradient. Linear will cause the gradient to graduate from one end of the text to the other. Radial will cause the gradient to expand outward in a circle.

Step 4

Click on the left side of the gradient ramp, and then choose "Swatches" in the Stop Color field. Select the color you want to work with from the swatch list below that.

Step 5

Repeat the step above for the right side of the gradient.

Step 6

Change the midpoint control, which determines where the 2 colors merge.

Step 7

Click on "OK," and then add the gradient to the Swatches palette.

Apply Gradient to Text

Step 1

Create a text gradient by highlighting the text you want to apply the gradient to by using the Type tool from the palette.

Step 2

Click on the Swatches palette on the right side to open it, choose "Fill" and pick the gradient swatch you want to use.

Step 3

Adjust the gradient by choosing the Gradient tool and dragging it across your text in whatever direction you want.


You can also choose to fill the inside of the letters from the swatch palette and change the tint of the colors for the same palette. The instructions for some versions of InDesign may vary slightly.