How to Crossfade in Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Live Movie Maker is a free desktop video program available to Microsoft Windows users. The program includes a number of animations and transitions you can use to create home videos. The crossfade effect creates a smooth transition between two video clips by blending them together. To add a crossfade effect in Movie Maker, simply put the two video clips next to each other on the video timeline and apply the transition to the second clip.


Step 1

Launch Windows Live Movie Maker and open a project or create a new one.

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Step 2

Add the two videos to the Movie Maker project if you haven't already done so. Click on the "Add videos and photos" button from the Home tab of the toolbar and locate the videos you want to add.


Step 3

Drag and drop the videos into place next to each other on the timeline. Click on the beginning of the second video clip to position the timeline indicator bar at that location.

Step 4

Click on "Animations" in the Windows live Movie Maker toolbar. Click on the crossfade animation icon in the Transitions section of the menu. Expand the Transitions box if needed by clicking on the arrow beside it to see all the available transitions. The crossfade animation icon resembles two overlapping windows.



Step 5

Change the transition's duration by typing in a new value in the text box beside the Transitions box, if desired. Look for a gray triangle to appear over the corner of the second video clip on the timeline as an indication that you have added the crossfade transition.




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