How to Pause Between Videos in a Playlist in VLC

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You can set VLC to pause between each video in your playlist.

If you have several videos in your VLC playlist, you might not want to watch them play continuously, one after the other, but instead want each video to pause before the next one plays. For example, you have a series of classroom lecture videos, and you want to take notes about a lecture right after you finish viewing one before going on to the next video. You can easily enable VLC to pause between each video in the playlist.


Step 1

Launch VLC on your computer.

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Step 2

Click "Tools" from the VLC menu, and then click "Preferences."

Step 3

Click "Video."


Step 4

Click the "All" option at the bottom of the window to show expanded settings preferences.

Step 5

Click "Playlist" in the left pane.


Step 6

Click the "Play and Pause" check box to select it.


Step 7

Click "Save."

Step 8

Double-click the name of a video in the playlist to start playing it. When the video reaches the end, it will pause on the last frame. When you're ready to watch the next video, double-click its name.

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