How Do I Loop Video in Windows Media Player?

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When Windows Media Player reaches the end of a video, it provides an option to manually replay the video, but it doesn't do so automatically. However, enabling the Repeat function instructs Media Player to automatically replay the video in a continuous loop until you manually stop playback or close the program. Looping a video affects the entire video from beginning to end; Media Player does not support looping just a portion of the video.


Enabling the Repeat Function

In Now Playing mode, move your mouse cursor in the Media Player window to expose the playback controls. Click the "Turn Repeat On" button, indicated by a circular arrow, to continuously loop the video -- the button turns blue when toggled on. This button may not appear in small playback windows, so if you don't see this button, click the square "Maximize" icon or drag the video corners to make the window larger. The Repeat option repeats the entire video until you close the program or click the "Turn Repeat Off" button. If you close the window, your previous selection of the feature persists, so the next video you open plays in a loop until you toggle the Repeat function off.

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