How to Loop a Video in a VLC Player

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VLC is a versatile media player that can play most video formats. One feature of VLC media player allows users to loop a video, meaning when the video reaches its end, it will immediately start playing again from the beginning. The video will continue to loop until the user stops the looping process.


Many users like to use the looping feature to continuously play a favorite video "in the background" while doing some other task. If, for instance, a user were vacuuming his house, he would not have to stop vacuuming to restart the video because the looping feature would restart the video automatically.


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Step 1

Click on the link ("VideoLAN: Download VLC media player") in the References section to visit the download page for VLC media player. Follow the instructions on the download page to download and install VLC media player onto your computer.

Step 2

The installation process will create an icon for VLC media player and place it on your desktop by default. The icon resembles an orange traffic cone with white stripes. Open VLC media player by double-clicking this icon.


Step 3

Click on "View" in the main toolbar, and click on "Playlist." The "Playlist" window will open.


Step 4

At the bottom of the "Playlist" window, you will see four buttons in a row. Click on the third button from the left (if you let your cursor hover over this button, pop-up text that reads "Click to toggle between loop one, loop all" will appear). Close the "Playlist" window by clicking on the "X" in the upper-right corner.


Step 5

To start playing a video with VLC media player, click on "Media" in the main toolbar, and click on "Open File ... ." Navigate to the folder that contains the video file you want to play. Double-click on the video file, and the video will begin playing in VLC media player. The video will loop continuously.




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