How to Defrag DirecTV

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If your DirecTV DVR receiver is responding slowly, it may be an indicator that your receiver needs a "Defrag," short for "Defragmentation." The more you use your DirecTV DVR, the more information is stored on your receiver's internal hard drive. When the files on the hard drive are fragmented, it takes longer for the device to function. This includes slow channel guide scrolling and slow button response. By defragmenting the files on your receiver, you can speed up your DVR performance.


Step 1

Power on your television and DVR receiver.

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Step 2

Lift the cover that conceals the access card slot. This cover is located on the front right hand side of your DVR receiver.

Step 3

Press and release the red reset button that is located underneath the cover, next to the access card. The status of your reset appears on your television screen.


Step 4

Wait for the status indicator to read "Almost There." When you see this alert, simultaneously press and hold the "Record" and down arrow buttons on the DVR. Release the record button and down arrow button when the television screen reads "Hello Welcome To DirecTV."


Step 5

Wait while your DVR completes the defrag process. This can take a few hours, depending upon the amount of data stored on your receiver.

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