How to Reprogram DIRECTV Cards

The DIRECTV access card is a key part in viewing programming on your DIRECTV system. The access card is full of stored information, including your account information and the programming that you receive. Sometimes the DIRECTV access card can cause technical problems and require reprogramming. Here is how to reprogram a DIRECTV access card.


Step 1

Turn off the DIRECTV receiver and open the access card panel by pulling down on the opening notch. The access card panel is usually in the lower right corner, depending on the receiver model

Step 2

Remove the DIRECTV card by pulling it out of its slot toward you. The access card should come out easily. Do not force it out or you might damage or break the card.

Step 3

Once the card is removed, unplug the receiver and leave unplugged for at least 30 seconds. Reinsert the access card, plug the receiver back into the electrical outlet and turn the unit back on.

Step 4

The receiver will go through the installation process and acquire satellite signal. Allow the unit to complete the process and fully acquire the signal. Once completed verify the receiver is properly working and all channels can be viewed. The reprogramming process is complete.

Step 5

Some models have a red reset button near the access card slot. In lieu of the above process, the DIRECTV card can be reprogrammed by holding the button in for 15 seconds with the card in its slot.

Reprogramming With Technical Support

Step 1

Sometimes the reprogramming process does not fully work and the access card needs to communicate with DIRECTV to be correctly reprogrammed. To begin this process contact DIRECTV's technical support at (800) 494-4388.

Step 2

Ask to speak to a technical support representative and ask him or her to remotely reprogram your DIRECTV access card.

Step 3

Once the service representative completes the process, verify that the receiver is working correctly and that channels can be viewed. If so, the reprogramming has been successful.

Things You'll Need

  • DIRECTV receiver

  • DIRECTV access card


The DIRECTV access card should not be needlessly removed from the card slot. Sometimes simply unplugging the unit, with the card in its slot, and repowering the receiver can correct can technical issues.