How to Delete an Email Address From an iPad

By Carol Finch

Learn how to remove email accounts and addresses from an iPad. Find out how to clean up your Recents list by removing links to old email addresses.

To remove one of your own email addresses from your iPad, you need to delete the account; to delete other people's email addresses, use the Contacts menu. Your iPad also allows you to remove addresses that pop up in your recent contacts list when you send emails if your list gets too large and intrusive.

Delete an Email Account

Tap Settings on your Home screen and open Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap the account you want to remove in the Accounts area.

Tap the Delete Account button and then Delete on the confirmation popup.

How to delete an email account on an iPad

Wait for your iPad to finish the deletion process and return you to the main mail page. The account should no longer show in the list.


Although you can add an email account back to your iPad, you may lose data if you set up the account again after deleting it. If you think you might want to use an account in the future, disable it instead. Open the account in Mail, Contacts, Calendars and switch off any sliders that are enabled. To enable the account again, switch the sliders back. Disabling the whole account may delete notes on IMAP accounts -- to avoid this outcome, switch off only the Mail button to disable emails coming in and out of your iPad.

Delete an Email Address From Contacts

Tap Contacts on your Home screen and select the name of the person you intend to modify. Tap Edit.

Delete email address from iPad contacts

Go to the email address, tap the - sign next to it and then tap Delete to remove it.

Edit a contact in an iPad's contact list


To completely delete a contact and all of her details, swipe down to the bottom of the screen and select Delete Contact. Tap the Delete Contact confirmation.

Remove an Email Address From Recents

Over time, your iPad builds a list of recent email addresses you've used to send emails. When you start to type an address in a new email, it shows you a list of contacts, based on the letters you've typed. Although this list is useful -- you can just tap an address to add it rather than type it all -- it can get large and may contain contacts you no longer want to use.

To delete contacts from this list, start typing the email address in the To field. When the list appears, find the address you want to remove and tap its blue i button. If you don't see the i button next to the name, you've added the email address to your Contacts, and you can't delete it from this list. Your iPad only removes recent email addresses that aren't in Contacts.

Delete email address from recent list on an iPad

Select Remove From Recents to delete the email address from the list.

Edit the recents list on an iPad


You can also use the Recents list to add an address to your contact list by selecting Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact instead of Remove From Recents.


  • Removing an email address from your iPad's Recents list isn't necessarily a permanent fix -- contacts come back in to the list if you ever send emails to their addresses again.