How to Delete the Google Search History

By Nick Peers

Google saves all your searches in the Search History, but only when you're logged in to your Google account. The search giant uses information from your searches to display better results and improve its search algorithms. Your search history is private and you can erase it entirely. If you want to remove only specific searches, you can do so from the Google Search History page. To prevent Google from saving your searches, disable the feature from the Account History page.

Step 1

Open the [Google History]( page in a Web browser and log in to your account by typing your Google username and password into the appropriate fields. **You can't view the search history of another person without logging in to his account**.If you can't log in to your account, access the [Google Account Recovery]( wizard. Use the wizard to recover your password or username, or to recover a compromised account.

Step 2

Browse your history or find specific searches by typing a query into the **Search History** field and clicking the **magnifying glass** icon. You can delete specific searches if you can find them -- searching through tens of thousands of searches is not an easy task.

Step 3

Select the searches you want to remove and click the **Remove Items** button to delete them. To delete an entire page of searches, click the **Select All** button next to the Remove Items button and then click **Remove Items**.To view the next page of searches, click the **Older** button. Searches are displayed in chronological order.

Step 4

Click the **gear icon** and select **Remove Items** from the menu to display the Remove Items dialog. You can erase some of the searches or the entire search history.

Step 5

Select the amount of searches to clear from the **Remove Items From** drop-down box -- **The Past Hour**, **The Past Day**, **The Past Week** or **The Last Four Weeks**. To erase the entire search history, select the **The Beginning of Time** option. Click **Remove** to delete the searches.

Step 6

Click the **gear icon** and select **Settings** from the menu to open the Account History settings page. You can prevent Google from saving your searches by pausing the Web and App Activity feature.

Step 7

Click the **green slider icon** to pause the Web and App Activity feature. Google doesn't save your searches while the feature is paused. To re-enable the feature, click the slider again.

Step 8

Click the **Pause** link to pause the Web and App Activity feature. Google stops saving your searches immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can download your Google data, including searches and search activity data, by clicking the gear icon and selecting Download. The data is archived by Google, and a download link is sent to the email address you used when you registered for your Google account. It may take up to a day to receive the email.
  • Google doesn't share your search data with other parties.
  • Pausing the Web and App Activity feature doesn't delete any of the saved searches.
  • To pause or enable more account history features -- including Location History and YouTube Search History -- access the Account History page (link in Resources).
  • Your searches and Web-browsing history may also be saved by your Web browser. You to erase the history and other data from all major Web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.