How to Clear Search History in Microsoft Outlook

If your emails are exponentially full on your Microsoft Office Outlook application, you might want to consider clearing your search history to maximize more space for the application. Every time you search for an email, that history is saved so you can view your search history at anytime. But it's always a good idea to clear your search history whenever you feel it has become too full.

How to Clear Search History in Microsoft Outlook

Step 1

Open your Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 application and click on the "Tools" option at the top.

Step 2

Click on the "Instant Search" item from the drop-down menu. Clicking on this option gives the preferences for when a search is made for email.

Step 3

Click on "Search Options" at the bottom of the pop-up screen. Another pop-up screen will appear, showing more search options.

Step 4

Uncheck the option that reads "Display Search Result When I Type." Now when you search, your history will not be saved and your old history will be deleted.

Step 5

Do a search to make sure this process worked. You can go back to your search options to allow the history to be tracked if necessary.


Don't delete or stop your search history unless you are sure you no longer want it to be tracked.