How to Delete Voicemail on a Tracfone Cell Phone

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How to Delete Voicemail on a Tracfone Cell Phone
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Cell phone service can cost upwards of $75 per month, not counting the initial cost of the phone. You are usually locked into the same provider for 1-2 years. Tracfone avoids these expensive commitments by offering prepaid service. You buy a set amount of minutes and then when you have used them up, you can simply buy some more. Though some phone operations, such as deleting voicemail, can use up minutes, a way around this exists.


Step 1

Delete voice mail by going through the keypad on your cell phone. The actual procedure depends on the kind of cell phone that you own. For example, on the Nokia 1100, hold down the "1" key while you are on standby. Tracfone connects you to your voicemail, where you can follow spoken menu instructions to listen to your voicemail. After you hear the voice message, you're asked if you want to delete your recordings.


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This is not recommended, because connecting in this way uses up your minutes even if you just want to listen to them.

Step 2

Use your landline phone to delete messages if you want to avoid using your Tracfone minutes. Turn off your cell phone so it doesn't ring and then call your cell phone number from a landline.


Step 3

Press the "*" (star) key as soon as you hear your voice mail greeting. Then enter your password number and press the "#" (pound) key.


Step 4

Listen to the instructions for accessing your voice mail, which can vary slightly depending on the phone you have. You are told the number of new and old messages you have, how to listen to them and how to store or delete them. Press the number for listening to the message to hear it, and then the number for deleting.

Step 5

Hang up your landline when you are finished and then turn on your cell.




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