How to Detect Genuine Windows Using a Command Prompt

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Windows Operating System automatically scans to determine whether your computer is running a real or counterfeit version of Windows. Sometimes, due to user error or virus activities, the Windows license key can change, causing your computer limited access to the operating-system features. Your computer will alert you in a number of ways if your Windows licensing key is not genuine. You can also use the command prompt to detect if the copy is genuine.


Step 1

Click the "Start" button on your computer's desktop to launch the Start menu.

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Step 2

Type "cmd" in the textbox located in the Start menu and press the Enter key on your keyboard. This will launch the command-prompt window.


Step 3

Type "slmgr.vbs /dlv" in the command-prompt window and press the Enter key on your keyboard. If you have a genuine copy of Windows, the software licensing status will appear in a new window. If you do not have a genuine copy of Windows, you will get an "Access denied" error instead.



Step 4

Right click "Computer" from the Start menu and choose "Properties" from the menu.

Step 5

Scroll down to the bottom of the "System" window and click "Change Product Key."

Step 6

Follow the instructions to reenter your product key or enter a new genuine product key to fix authenticating problems.

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