How to Determine the Carrier of a Cell Phone by Number

By Susan Miskelly

Cell phone numbers are categorized like traditional landline numbers. Each number has a three-digit prefix (also known as an exchange) that follows the area code. Cell phone carriers own the exchanges in which they assign numbers. With a few mouse clicks it is possible to crack this code to determine which cell carrier owns a number.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone number
  • Internet access

Find Cell Phone Carriers By Exchange

Step 1

Find the cell number that you want to look up, including the area code.

Step 2

Go to the Fone Finder website (see Resources) and enter the number as directed.

Step 3

Fone Finder will return the name of the telephone company who owns the number, along with its geographical location.

Tips & Warnings

  • Because of number portability, which allows you to change cell carriers while keeping your same number, the Fone Finder results may reflect the original carrier who issued the number.

References & Resources