How to Disable the Facebook Friend Finder Suggestion

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You can disable the Facebook friend finder suggestion.
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Facebook is a great tool for finding friends and relatives, but sometimes you've added all the friends you want. Unfortunately, Facebook has other ideas. You can easily stop Facebook friend suggestion notifications showing up along with your other notifications, but you can't completely suppress the site's People You May Know feature.


Turn Off Friend Suggestions Facebook

It's fairly impressive, how easily Facebook tracks down people you might know. Whether you look for these suggestions or not, Facebook presents them to you, sometimes even mixing them in with your other notifications. Although you can't completely turn off Facebook friend recommendations, you can at least adjust notifications to make sure they aren't interrupting your day.

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To change your notification settings on the desktop app, go to "Settings" in Facebook and choose "Notifications." Select "People You May Know" and disable notifications. That will keep you from being notified of Facebook's suggestions. In the mobile app, you'll go to "Settings," "Notification settings" and turn off notifications on "People You May Know."


Turn Off Email Notifications

If you're trying to turn off friend suggestions from Facebook because you're tired of the email notifications, you can easily fix that issue. To do that, you'll go to "Settings" in Facebook and scroll down to "Notifications" and "Notification Settings." Then select "Email."

Here, you can mute all notifications by simply toggling "Mute Push Notifications" to off. Under "People You May Know," you can turn those notifications off altogether by toggling "Allow Notifications" on Facebook to off. If you want to control all Facebook notifications, scroll down to the bottom, where you can manage push, email and SMS notifications.


Keep Contacts From Uploading

If your goal isn't just to stop Facebook friend suggestion notifications but to end the recommendations altogether, there are some steps you can take to block things. Facebook uses the contact list you have in your phone to find people you might want to friend on the platform. You can turn this feature off on your iOS or Android device.

To turn off Facebook friend recommendations by ending uploads from your Android device, tap the three horizontal lines at the top of a Facebook page. Scroll down to "Settings and Privacy" and select "Settings." Tap "Media and Contacts" and tap next to "Continuous Contacts Upload" to toggle this setting either on or off.


On an iOS device, tap the three horizontal lines at the top of a Facebook page. Select "Settings," then scroll down to "Media and Contacts" and tap on "Contacts Uploading." Tap next to "Contacts Uploading" to toggle the setting either on or off.

Turn Off Location Sharing

Another way to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook is to disable location sharing in the app. Although most of your friend recommendations are based on mutual friends, you may also see random strangers popping up in the list. Facebook can use your location to recommend friends who happen to be near where you are at any given time.


To stop Facebook friend suggestion notifications based on location, go to the settings of your phone. If you have an Android device, you'll turn this off in "Settings," "Apps," "Facebook," "Permissions," "Location" and "Off." For iOS users, go to "Settings," "Privacy," "Location Services" and "Facebook."

Improve Friend Suggestions

In some cases, the reason Facebook recommendations are so annoying is that they're completely inaccurate. If Facebook is recommending people you actually want to connect with on the platform, you likely won't feel as passionately about eliminating them.


The best thing you can do to refine those suggestions is to mark "Remove" next to the name of any inaccurate suggestions. You can also block someone you don't want to show up in suggestions again. Keep in mind, though, that if you feel like you don't know someone because it's showing that you have no mutual friends, if someone has chosen to hide friends, it will show that you have no mutual friends.