How to Disable the Panda AntiVirus

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Panda Antivirus is a virus protection/removal tool that by default loads automatically when Windows starts. Though an icon for Panda Antivirus will always be present in your computer's system tray, you cannot disable Panda Antivirus protection through this icon. Instead, you're going to have to load the Windows Task Manager and manually force Panda Antivirus to close if you want to disable it at any time.


Step 1

Right-click on the long, horizontal bar that holds your "Start" menu icon. This bar is called the "taskbar."

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Step 2

Click "Start Task Manager."

Step 3

Click the "Processes" tab.


Step 4

Look under the "Description" column for the file that represents Panda Antivirus. Once located, click on this file listing.


Step 5

Click the "End Task" button. Click "End Task" again in the new window that appears. This will disable Panda Antivirus on your computer, until you restart.

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