How to Disable AdobeARM.exe

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When you install a program or software suite on your computer, many tools and clients are often installed as part of the package. These can include tools that run in the background on your desktop or automated update clients that run at set times. If you have Adobe Reader -- Adobe's PDF reading software -- installed on your machine, you also have AdobeARM.exe installed. AdobeARM.exe is an automatic update tool that scans the Internet for the latest Adobe software updates. If you want to disable this tool, you can do so using the System Configuration menu.


Step 1

Click on the "Start" button.

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Step 2

Click "Run."

Step 3

Type "msconfig" in the Run box.


Step 4

Click on the tab marked "Startup" in the window that appears.

Step 5

Uncheck the box next to the "Adobe Reader" entry with the file name that ends in "adobeARM.exe."



Step 6

Click "Apply" to disable AdobeARM.exe the next time your computer starts up.

Step 7

Reboot your machine.

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