How to Display Notepad on Yahoo on the iPhone

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Notepad lets you take notes directly on your iPhone.

Yahoo! Notepad is a feature of Yahoo! email accounts. Like other note-taking applications such as Stickies or EverNote, it allows you to type out quick blurbs of text, whether you're writing a grocery list or jotting down an idea. Accessing the Yahoo! Notepad on your iPhone is easiest through Safari, the iPhone's Internet-browsing app. From Safari, you can access Notepad just as you would on your computer.


Step 1

Tap the Safari icon on the iPhone's home screen.

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Step 2

Tap the URL bar. Tap the circle with the "X" at the end of the URL bar to erase the text.

Step 3

Type "" Tap "Go."

Step 4

Sign in to your Yahoo! account if you aren't already logged in. Your Yahoo! Notepad appears.


You can also log into your Yahoo! email account through Safari and tap "Notepad" in the far left column.