How to Backspace on an iPhone

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The iPhone is a combination cell phone and multimedia device that is capable of playing movies, browsing the Internet and many other tasks. The iPhone uses a touch-screen interface for the majority of user interactions, which includes a full keyboard for texting, emailing and anything else that might require typing. Backspacing on your iPhone is as easy as backspacing on any regular computer keyboard.


Step 1

Open any app that allows the input of text, such as a text or email. Input several lines of text.

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Step 2

Touch and hold your finger on the iPhone touch screen over the text until the magnifying glass appears. Look for the blue blinking cursor that indicates your position in the text.


Step 3

Slide your finger to move the cursor to the line of text or word you want to edit, using the image in the magnifying glass as your guide.

Step 4

Remove your finger from the screen when you have positioned the cursor in the correct location.



Step 5

Press the backspace key, which looks like a left-facing arrow with an "X" in it. It is located on the virtual keyboard next to the "M" key. As you backspace, each character is deleted. You can input additional characters and words to replace the deleted text. When you finish editing, tap the touch screen to relocate the cursor.




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