How to Do a Screenshot on Chrome

By Andrew Meer

Use the Windows Print Screen function to grab screenshots while in Google Chrome. Further, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 let you use a built-in utility called the Snipping Tool to capture selected portions of the screen. Google Chrome also supports a multitude of third-party screenshot extensions.

Grabbing a Screenshot

While surfing in Google Chrome, get to the area of the webpage you want to capture and then press the **PrtScr** key; if you want to leave out the taskbar and desktop from the screenshot, press **Alt-PrtScr** instead. Open Microsoft Paint, and then press **Ctrl-V** to paste the image in paint. Click the **Save** button, and then specify a location to save the screenshot. Windows 8.1 also lets you grab and save screenshots quickly by pressing **Windows-PrtScr**, where the saved screenshot appears within the Screenshots folder under Pictures.

Using the Windows Snipping Tool

Alternately, grab selected portions of the screen using the Snipping Tool. To open, type **Snipping Tool** into the Start screen or Start menu search box and then press **Enter**. Click the **New** button to get to capture mode, and then drag the cursor over the area you want to capture. Once done, click the **Save** icon to save the screenshot. The Snipping Tool, however, does not work when running Google Chrome as a modern app in Windows 8 mode.

Using Third-Party Extensions

Third-party extensions such as [Webpage Screenshot](, [Awesome Screenshot](, and [Nimbus Screenshot]( grab screenshots in Google Chrome. After installation, each extension appears as a button next to the URL bar. Click the button to capture a screenshot of all or part of the page, then click **Save**.If you have OneNote 2013 installed, use the Screen Clipping tool to capture screenshots. To access the Screen Clipping tool, open OneNote 2013, press **Windows-N**, and the click **Screen Clipping**; all captured screenshots are sent directly to OneNote 2013. When using Evernote, install the [Evernote Web Clipper]( extension to grab and send screenshots directly to Evernote. Click the extension icon next to the Google Chrome URL bar to use the Evernote Web Clipper.