How to Do Ceilings in SketchUp

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When you are working in Google SketchUp to design a house, apartment or office, you should make every effort to fill in all the details of the design. There is one area that is sometimes overlooked by those new to 3D design, and that is the ceiling. It is important to remember that the bottom of the second floor is not the ceiling of the first floor. You have to create that separately. If you want to have a truly accurate representation of your plan, you need to do the ceiling as a separate sketch. Creating a ceiling in Sketchup is relatively easy.


Step 1

Start Google SketchUp. Click "File" in the top menu and click "Open." In the dialog that appears, go to and open a building model to which you want to add a ceiling.

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Step 2

Use the middle mouse button or scroll wheel to position the camera view inside the room to which you want to add the ceiling.


Step 3

Select the "Line" tool and click on the corners where you want your ceiling. When you click the last time, the ceiling surface will appear.


Step 4

Click on the "Paintbucket" tool. This will open the "Materials" dialog. Browse through the categories and choose a material you want for the ceiling. Click on the ceiling surface to apply the material. Save your work.



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