How to Donate Used Printers

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Many computer users who upgrade their printers choose to simply toss the old units into the trash, while more environmentally friendly users may choose to drop the devices off at the local electronics recycling center. However, there is another option: donate your used printers if they are still in working condition. There are several options for making printer donations. If they aren't working, you can also "donate" them through electronics recycling centers around the country.


How To Donate A Used Printer

Step 1

Check with a printer company. Xerox offers a simple form for donation purposes. Companies such as Dell, Canon and HP also offer their own donation assistance, which can be found on their company websites.


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Step 2

Donate your computer to the National Cristina Foundation. NCF is a nonprofit organization that uses donated technology to help schools, charities and public agencies spread learning through technology.

Step 3

Recycle your computer at a National Center For Electronics Recycling Center. These centers are throughout the U.S. and allow users to drop off their equipment, which is then evaluated and recycled. While not given directly to a charity, school or other organization, in most cases the printer can help drive down future costs by reusing working components from devices. This is the best alternative for nonworking printers.


Step 4

Call your local nonprofit and see if it's interested in taking your equipment. Many local organizations need electronics and will take your working equipment and, in some cases, slightly malfunctioning equipment. You can ask your City Council for a list of nonprofits in your area.

Step 5

Offer the equipment for free via craigslist or other local classified ads both online and via print advertising. Let everyone know you have a free working printer for whoever is willing to pick it up.

Things You'll Need

  • Name of a printer company

  • Donation center

  • Recycling center

  • Local nonprofit


Most charities ask that equipment is in working order. If you know an issue exists and it is cheap to fix, you may want to let the charity know that it's a simple fix if it chooses to take your equipment. Recycling is always the best option for printers that are beyond repair.