How to Download a WAV File

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Download a WAV file with a few clicks of the mouse.

Waveform Audio Format files, also known as .WAV files, are digital sound files native to Windows-based computers. A WAV file might contain a sample of a song, a TV show, a movie clip or sound effects. Because WAV files are widely supported, almost any program that plays audio files can play a WAV file. When uploaded to a website, WAV files can be shared with other Internet users. To listen to a WAV file, you must download the file to your computer.


Step 1

Find the WAV file you'd like to download off the Internet. A WAV file could be found on a news site offering sound clips of interviews, a website specializing in sound effects, blogs or a website offering TV and movie clips like WavCentral.

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Step 2

Click on the link of the WAV file you'd like to download. Depending on the website, you might see a "Download" button or you might need to click on the file's name to begin the download.

Step 3

Press "Save to Disk" if you wish to store the WAV file on your computer's hard drive. Otherwise, select "Open" to listen to the file once.


Step 4

Select a location on your computer to save the file if you chose "Save to Disk." Press the "Save" button. The file begins downloading. When the progress bar reaches 100 percent, you can click "Open" to listen to the WAV file.


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