How to Download HP Full System Recovery Software

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An HP full system recovery is a rather drastic, but sometimes unavoidable, procedure that basically wipes your computer and brings it back to the original factory shipped state. You can download software to facilitate a recovery.

Step 1

Resort to full system recovery only as a last resort. As with any full system recovery, this procedure will wipe all the data from your computer. So if there is a specific bug or issue, search the HP site and the general web for a fix before you resort to system recovery. If you can't find a fix online, you may want to consult a computer expert for a solution. If all else fails, the full system recovery may be your only choice.


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Step 2

Back up all your data and files before attempting a recovery. Remember, this procedure will return your PC to it's factory setting state.

Step 3

Make sure you don't have (or can't access) either the internal HP full recovery software already installed on your PC, or the HP full recovery software discs that came with your PC when originally shipped. If neither of these options is viable, you can download the software online.


Step 4

Download registry repair software from Regcure. See additional resources for the link.


RegCure software analyzes and repairs your computer's registry. The HP System Recovery is only part of it's fixes and features. Other fixes include scans for Invalid Program shortcuts, scripting errors, Internet Explorer errors, Startup Manager tools and more.


Step 5

When you click the download link at RegCure, it will run a scan on your computer. Once you download the software you will need to install it, run the program, and provide info about your PC. Then simply follow the software's instructions for the HP System Recovery.

Things You'll Need

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  • Internet access



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