How to Edit HTML in Gmail

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Gmail's rich text editor allows you to customize aspects of your Gmail messages minus the ability to add HTML. With an online HTML editor, you can work around this problem, adding tables, HTML signatures and embedded images into your Gmail messages. Insert HTML into your Gmail messages with a few simple steps.


Step 1

Log in to your Gmail account and click "Compose Mail."

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Step 2

Browse to Online-HTML-Editor.Org in a separate browser window.

Step 3

Construct the body of your email by entering text, tables and pictures in the editing window. Add tables by selecting the "table button" in the top right and highlighting the amount of columns and rows you would like to see.


Step 4

Insert pictures into the editing window by clicking the "Image" button and pasting or typing the web address of your image into the "source" field. You cannot choose a file from your computer.


Step 5

Highlight the contents of the editing window, right-click and then select "copy." Switch to your new Gmail message, right-click and then select "paste."



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