How to Edit SVG Files in CorelDRAW

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Knowing how to edit SVG files in CorelDRAW opens up new possibilities for the illustrator or graphics designer. SVG is a widely accepted XML-based language for viewing vector graphics on the web, and lots of free clip art are available as SVG files. You can edit SVG graphics in CorelDRAW, add special effects and then save the edited files in either the native CorelDRAW format, SVG or any other file format that the program supports.


Step 1

Launch CorelDRAW. Choose "File" > "New" to start a new document. Or click on the white page icon.

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Step 2

Choose "File" > "Import" to bring up the "Import" dialog box.

Step 3

Choose "Files of type" > "SVG" to view only SVG files.

Step 4

Browse to the folder where the SVG file is located. Click "Import."


Step 5

Click anywhere on the blank CorelDRAW page to insert the SVG file. Press the "Enter" key to place it in the center of the page. Press the "Spacebar" key to use the SVG file's original placement.

Step 6

Select the SVG graphic. Choose "Arrange" > "Unlock" (or "Unlock All Objects"). This makes the imported SVG object(s) editable.

Step 7

Keep the object(s) selected. Click on "Arrange" > "Ungroup" (or "Ungroup All") to separate them. You can now edit the SVG file.


Step 8

Save as a CorelDRAW file using "File" > "Save As." Or choose "Export" to save the edited graphics into another format (including SVG).


Be careful when editing SVG. You may receive a warning stating that editing or changing the order of SVG objects can affect how it looks. Save backup copies of all SVG files you import. You can select which parts of a CorelDRAW document to export.


Review your work each time. Editing SVG in CorelDRAW can have unpredictable results. If you choose "Ungroup All Objects," it can break up the SVG into too many individual pieces. Selecting multiple parts can be difficult. You may need to repeat the "Unlock" and "Ungroup" commands more than once, if it doesn't work the first time.


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