How to Find a Photoshop Serial Number

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You may use Adobe Photoshop daily to create, or to alter and manipulate, photos, graphics and other design elements. You want to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop, but you don't remember if you ever registered the program with the manufacturer, Adobe. You need the Photoshop serial number so you can check the registration status of the program. To find Photoshop's serial number, you don't have to contact Adobe or locate the paperwork that came with the program.


Step 1

Open Photoshop by clicking on the icon located on your computer's Desktop or by selecting it from the "All Programs" menu, if using a Windows system, or from the "Finder," if you're using a Mac system.

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Step 2

Click "Help" from the main toolbar at the top of the program once Photoshop is open.


Step 3

Click "About Photoshop."

Step 4

Look at the bottom of the "About Photoshop" dialog box—the Photoshop serial number is located at the bottom of this box.


Step 5

Write the serial number on a piece of paper.



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