How to Find a Verizon Customer Cell Phone Number Using Their Name

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Online cell phone directories are best to find someone's cell phone number.

Due to government privacy regulations, Verizon is required to protect customer cell phone numbers from public access. Therefore, Verizon does not have a searchable public cell phone directory of these numbers. However, this does not necessarily mean this data is inaccessible. There are other sources you can check to find a person's cell phone number by name. There's no guarantee your search will end successfully, but it's still worth trying.


Step 1

Look up the person's name in a commercial cell phone directory such as Intelius or (see Resources). While Verizon does not publish its own directory of cell phone numbers, other (third-party) companies do. These commercial cell phone directories charge a small fee for a search because they, in turn, pay a fee to other companies for access to cell phone number information. On the directory's website, enter the person's first and last name and state of residence. Click "Search." Scan the results for the most probable match, and purchase the cell phone number report.


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Step 2

Conduct a search for the person's name in a free cell phone directory such as (see Resources). Unlike commercial cell phone directories, this directory is free because cell phone owners voluntarily submit their numbers to these entities. On the directory website, enter the person's first and last name and state of residence. Click "Search." If the person has submitted his Verizon phone number to the directory, it will come up in the results.



Step 3

Enter the person's name, enclosed in quotes, in your browser's search bar. Follow that with the word "phone" or "telephone." See what information comes up in the search results. It's possible this information is listed in an online publication. The person may have published his cell phone number for business reasons or made it accessible online for some another reason.



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