How to Find Addresses by Phone Numbers

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Finding an address via a telephone number is known as a reverse look up. Many online directories, such as the White Pages, have tools you can use to perform a reverse look up.

Step 1

Open up a Web browser and go to any search engine.


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Step 2

Search for reverse look up or go directly to the White Pages online (see Resources).

Step 3

Input the number on the directory that you chose.

Step 4

Click the enter button to search the directory for the person's address. If it doesn't come up, they are not listed. If the directory does find the address that is connected to the phone number, it will provide you not only with the address but also the name of the person who owns the house.



Cell phones are not able to be traced back to an address via reverse look up, only landlines can, as they are routed to a specific address. If one directory can't find the address you are looking for, try a different directory. You may have success on another site. The White Page's are used for reverse look ups of residential addresses. If you are looking for a business, try the Yellow Page's reverse look up.



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