How to Find Amazon Listmania Lists

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How to Find Amazon Listmania Lists. Finding Amazon Listmania! lists can be a bit confusing for users who don't know how to navigate Amazon's website. However, once you find the Listmania! search function, you'll find thousands of Listmania! lists waiting for you. Follow these tips to find Amazon Listmania! lists.


Step 1

Logon to Amazon's official website.

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Step 2

Search for a product that you'd like to see on a Listmania! list. You may also search for similar products that are likely to show on user-created Listmania! lists containing the first product.


Step 3

Review the results page. Identify the panel of the website dedicated to previewing Listmania! lists. Read the list titles. Click on a list if you find that one of the advertised Listmania! lists is what you're looking for.

Step 4

Identify the part of the panel titled "Search Listmania!" Enter a phrase, product title, subject name or any other identifier that helps categorize a list.



Step 5

Find your results. Relevant results with correlating titles, introductions, comments, tags and reviews will show on the website. By default, results will be sorted by relevance, so you can start exploring with the first list.

Step 6

Click on "See the Top 100 Lists" to display popular lists.


Step 7

Look for more lists by navigating to the top of the search page, selecting "Listmania!" from the drop-down menu and entering a new search query.


Add items in Listmania! lists to your Wish List or Shipping Cart by clicking on the relevant button. Rate viewed lists by clicking "Yes" or "No" when asked if you find the list helpful. If you'd like to sort lists by update dates, simply click "Sort By" and select "Last Updated" on the bottom of the results page.



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