How to Find My Old Gmail Address

By Megan Maier

A basic overview of methods to recover an old Gmail address, including using recovery email and phone number.

If you don't remember your Gmail username or password you can recover your email address using Google Account Recovery. Enter your recovery email address or phone number to find your old Gmail address.

Use Recovery Email

Step 1

Access Google Account Recovery from the Sign In page. Click Need Help?

Get help signing in to Gmail.

Step 2

Select I don't know my username and click Continue.

Use Google account recovery to find your Gmail address.

Step 3

Try first to use your recovery email address. This is the email address you provided when you signed up for your Gmail account. It could be your work email address or the email address you currently use. If the recovery address is not a Gmail address, you are sent an email containing instructions to recover your account.

Your recovery email address may be the one you currently use.

Step 4

Enter the first and last name attached to your account. Verify that you are "not a robot" by copying the CAPTCHA text and click Submit.

Confirm your identity to Google.

Step 5

Sign in to the Google account that uses your recovery email, if your recovery address is a Gmail address. Gmail next shows you which email addresses are associated with your recovery email. If you see the address you seek, select it and proceed with the sign-in process.

Sign in to your recovery email account.

Receive a Verification Code

If you do not remember the recovery email address you provided when you signed up for your Gmail account, use your phone number instead.

Step 1

Return to the Google Account Recovery page and enter your recovery phone number. This is likely your cell phone number.

Your account recovery number is probably your cell phone number.

Step 2

Choose to have Google send you a verification code via text message or automated phone call.

Receive your verification code via text message.

Step 3

Enter the first and last name associated with your account, type the CAPTCHA text and click Submit.

Confirm your identity to receive your verification code.

Step 4

Enter the code Google sends you and click Continue. Google will then show you the usernames associated with your phone number.

Input your six-digit verification code.

Reset Password

After you recover your Gmail address, try signing into your account. If you are unable to remember your Gmail password, Google provides options.

Step 1

Click Need Help?

Try signing in with your recovered Gmail address.

Step 2

Select I don't know my password and enter your email address. Click Continue.

Reset your password using your recovery email.

Step 3

Enter the last password you remember and click Continue. If you are not sure of your password, click I Don't Know.

Try using the last password you remember.

Step 4

Choose to receive your verification code via text message or automated phone call and click Continue.

Receive verification code via text.

Step 5

Verify your identity by answering security questions if you have no access to your phone.

Answer security settings.

Update Recovery Settings

After you regain access to your old Gmail account, update your account recovery options so your settings are current. Navigate to Google's Security page and make sure your recovery email and phone number are current. Use Google's Security Checklist to make certain you have protected your account.