How to Find My Post on 4Chan

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Most 4chan threads disappear quickly.

4chan isn't like other message boards. It has such a cult following and ready army of users that a thread you posted just moments ago can wind up buried and seemingly lost forever. Tech-savvy 4chan veterans and site administrators developed a few tools and tricks you can use to keep track of posts once you've released them into the 4chan wilderness. If you're new to wandering around the site, beware. Adult content and potentially offensive images lurk around every corner.

NOKO Command

Step 1

Prepare your submission using the blank post submission form at the top of each page.

Step 2

Type "noko" without quotes into the email field instead of typing in your email address.

Step 3

Submit your post. Doing so will enable you to stay in your current post if you intend to actively participate in the thread, eliminating the need to go back to the board and find it. Keep this window open and and continually refresh the page to view your post and any updates.


Step 1

Complete the submission form and submit your post to 4chan. Open your post immediately after you submit it.

Step 2

Add the site to your bookmarks or favorites folder.

Step 3

Open your bookmarks or favorites folder from within your browser and select your 4chan post to view it. Your post will be viewable for only a limited time until it's deleted by the site or administrators.

Firefox Toolbar

Step 1

Install Firefox from and open the browser.

Step 2

Navigate to and click "Download the 4chan Firefox Extension!" Click "Allow" when prompted by the Firefox dialog box and wait for the tool to install. Restart your browser.

Step 3

Post to 4chan, then navigate to your post. Notice you now have a blank check box to the left of your post's title. Check this box to follow your post using the 4chan add-on's Thread Watcher.

Step 4

Click "Tools," "Extensions," "4chan" to launch the add-on. Click "Thread Watcher" from the menu on the left side of the tool.

Step 5

Choose from any of the threads you've added to Thread Watcher to open it.


If you can't find your post using any of these methods, or by browsing open threads on the site, your post has likely been deleted by the website's software or site administrators. Posts last only a few minutes to a few days before they're cleaned from the serving, allowing 4chan to continually cycle through new, fresh content. If your post violated the terms of service or was posted to a board in the wrong category, moderators will manually delete it.