How to Find & Replace in Gmail

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Gmail, Google's email service, has quite a few features to its name. One feature it lacks is the ability to do a "find and replace" with an email. If you receive an email and want to do some quick find and replace editing before you reply or forward the message, you can't--that is, unless you use a trick involving Gmail's "Create a document" feature. You can learn how to Find & Replace in Gmail by following a few steps.


Step 1

Log into your Gmail account at

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Step 2

Open the email you want to perform find and replace on by clicking on it inside your inbox.

Step 3

Click the "More actions" button and, from the drop-down list, click "Create a document."


Step 4

Open the "Edit" menu and click "Find and replace."


Step 5

Type the keyword you want to find into the "Find" field, then type the word you want to replace it with into the "Replace with" field.

Step 6

Click the "Replace all" button. All instances of the "Find" word you provided will be replaced.

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