How to Find the Serial Number for Adobe Acrobat on My Computer

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Adobe Acrobat is a powerful tool that comes in handy for creating documents like application forms and surveys.
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Adobe Acrobat is a powerful tool that comes in handy for creating documents like application forms and surveys. Unlike Acrobat Reader, though, which is free, you'll pay at least $12.99 a month to have the software on your computer. You can run an Adobe serial number check by logging into your account, using a product key finder application or decrypting the information from your registry.


Adobe Serial Number Check

After you've purchased and downloaded Adobe Acrobat, you probably won't think much more about it. But if you don't keep that serial number in an easy-to-find place and Adobe asks for it, you'll need to figure out where your Adobe Acrobat serial number is listed. One simple way is to use one of the many product key finder applications that will scan your computer and find all the serial numbers for the programs you've installed or log in to your account.


You can also find Adobe Acrobat 11 serial number in the registry. In Windows, the Adobe Acrobat serial number will be located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The serial number will be encrypted, though, which means you'll need to decrypt it. Instructions are available at

Instead of trying to find Adobe Acrobat 11 serial number in registry, a much easier method is to use one of the password finder applications available. Tools like Belarc Advisor and Product Key Finder will provide serial numbers for Adobe applications, as well as Microsoft Windows and Office.


Find Number Through

The good news is, if you downloaded your software directly from, you don't have to worry about tracking down some Adobe Acrobat serial number list. Just log into your Adobe account and choose Plans from the navigation menu at the top. On the left side, you'll see Order History.

Once you're in your list of orders, click on the order number specific to your latest Adobe Acrobat installation on the list. Select Downloads and Serial Numbers and your serial number will be displayed. Note it for future reference. This is a much easier method than trying to find Adobe Acrobat 11 serial number in registry.


Transfer Adobe License

Often when someone is trying to conduct an Adobe serial number check, it's to install the software on a new computer. Once you have the serial number, you can install it on the new computer while it's still activated on the old computer. However, you'll need to deactivate the license on your old computer before you can start using it. To do so, go to Help, Deactivate and either Deactivate or Suspend Activation or Deactivate Permanently.

However, if you're transferring Adobe to someone else, you'll need to fill out a Transfer of License form. This allows you to sell or give away your copy of Adobe Acrobat to someone else if, say, you have a change in occupations mid-contract that has you no longer needing to use it. You cannot transfer Educational versions of any Adobe product.


Invalid Serial Number Message

You may be looking for some sort of Adobe Acrobat serial number list after getting the dreaded Invalid or revoked serial number message. If you're getting that message, it's because the serial number you're trying to use has been marked as invalid by Adobe. If you feel this is in error, you need to gather any documentation you have that you purchased this product legally and get in touch with Adobe to clear things up.

Unfortunately, though, if you purchased your copy of Adobe from a person claiming to be a legitimate seller, you'll probably have no recourse if it turns out that the person was fraudulent. You could try contacting the seller and even getting in touch with law enforcement if you know where the seller can be found. But it's important to always purchase Adobe through the website or a valid retailer like a well-established franchise office supply store.