How to Transfer an Adobe License to a New Computer

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When you purchase and install computer software, you consent to a software licensing agreement. Generally, Adobe allows users to install software on two computers. The computers must be owned by the same person and should not be used at the same time. For example, you can install software on your main computer and also on a laptop that you will use when away from the office. If you need to install the software on any additional computers, you must deactivate one of the other computer licenses.


Step 1

Deactivate the Adobe license on the old computer. Select "Deactivate" from the "Help" menu from any of your Adobe programs.

Step 2

Contact Adobe if you no longer have access to the old computer. Use the online chat or 800 833 6687. Have your software, serial number and the computer you are installing on available during your online chat or phone call.

Step 3

Insert the installation CD into the new computer.


Step 4

Open the CD and double-click on the installer.

Step 5

Make any customization choices you want. For example, you can choose not to install specific languages or specific additional features. Click "Install."

Step 6

Restart your computer when prompted, after the install is complete.

Step 7

Launch one of the Adobe programs you just installed and enter the serial number when prompted.


If you purchased Adobe Creative Suite, deactivating one program will deactivate all programs at the same time. If you have separate licenses for each program, you will need to repeat this process for each program you want to move to a new computer.


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