How to Find Who Checked Me on the Internet

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The Internet is a big and wide open space. Pretty much anyone can check up on anything that they'd like. You probably know that you can check up on just about anyone, and find out just about any piece of information about them. This means that someone else can do the same when it comes to you. They might be able to find out information about you, and it can be hard for you to figure out who is looking you up. However, you can try to protect yourself and figure out who looked you up on the Internet in a variety of ways. If you are interested in learning more about the person or people who have been looking you up, or if you simply want to see who has been searching for you, there are software programs that you can install, and Internet searches that you can take advantage of in order to do this.

Protect Your Website

Step 1

The best way to figure out who is searching for you is to figure out who has found your website. Install backtracking software onto your own websites. This type of software can often be found for free online, and also comes free with sites like blogging sites. You will be able to get daily and weekly stats about which IP numbers have visited your sites.

Step 2

When you have found the IP numbers, you can use tracking software to figure out who these numbers belong to.

Step 3

Install the tracking software onto any sites that you might have which have information about you. Then, use the statistics that you are getting to figure out who has searched for you online.

Gather Information

Step 1

Another way to figure out who is checking into you on the Internet is to gather information from those that enter your sites.

Step 2

Set up an email confirmation for registration on your sites. This will give you an email address. As a moderator and administrator, you can also find the IP numbers of the people who are signing up for your sites. Then, you can research these IP numbers to figure out who they belong to.

Step 3

Gather research through registration methods if you need to.


You can track the uses of your own computer or of others that you own by installing tracking software on those computers. That way, all users will have a record that you can access.


You can only find out information on your own websites. Sites like Google and Yahoo, and other search engines don't have to give you the search results for people who have been searching for you.