How to Find Your Email Provider's POP Server

Your POP service acts as an electronic postal carrier for your emails.
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You have more than one option for finding your email provider's POP server that won't require you to spend time on hold waiting for its tech support hotline. If you use your email for work, your employer's IT department should be your first port of call. For personal email, you will likely find the answer on the technical or setup section of your email provider's website.

Ask Your Email Administrator

When setting up a corporate or employer-provided email address, ask your IT department or email administrator for guidance. He may set it up for you or provide you with step-by-step procedures, as it's in the company's best interests to have its employees' email service working properly.

If you use an email provider such as Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook, your answer is as close as any of those websites. With those and most other providers, you have a lot of company, which equals a lot of published resources. Perform a quick Internet search using your email service provider's name and "POP service" as search terms to get results.

The DIY User

For people who hate to ask for directions, there is the do-it-yourself option: In your email setup screen, find the blank that asks for your incoming server. Type POP or POP3 followed by a period and then the rest of your email address. For example, if your email address is, type "" If your email starts downloading to your inbox, you'll know this is correct.

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