How to Make a Complaint With DirecTV

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Although companies like DirecTV attempt to keep their customers happy, at some point you may need to file a complaint with them to get an issue resolved. Sometimes, this can be a hassle, but in the Internet age, you have multiple avenues to use to reach someone who may be able to help you resolve your problem. For DirecTV, you can log into your account and send the company a message directly, or you can contact through telephone, Twitter or Facebook.



Step 1

Log into your DirecTV account by entering your "Username" and "Password" if requested.

Step 2

Select "Help," "Contact Us" from the main menu to open the Contact Us page.

Step 3

Click the "English" or "Spanish" options under the Email Us heading to open the Email form in the language you chose.


Step 4

Enter your contact information.

Step 5

Select a "Topic" from the drop-down menu.

Step 6

Enter a "Subject" for the email.

Step 7

Type your "Question." You are limited to 1,000 characters.

Step 8

Click "Continue" to submit the message.


Other methods

Step 1

Call 800-531-5000 between 8 a.m. and 1 a.m. EST on any day of the week.

Step 2

Direct message @Directvservice on Twitter.

Step 3

Follow DirecTV on Facebook. If other methods do not work, this one might. Sometimes posting a complaint in a public forum will prompt a company to action.


When contacting DirecTV with a complaint, be polite and to-the-point in all your communications. Rude behavior and remarks will only anger someone who might be able to assist you with your problem.


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