How to Delete a Account

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Use your account to sign in to "World of Warcraft."

Blizzard Entertainment's system links all of your Blizzard games through a single account. It's free to sign up for a account, and your account keeps a record of your online game purchases and CD keys. You use the same email and password when you log in to play Blizzard games online. If you'd like to delete your account, you have to contact Blizzard customer services; you can't disable the account on your own. You can contact Blizzard in several ways.


Step 1

Compose an email from the email address account you use to sign in to your account. Explain that you'd like to permanently delete your account. Write "Delete account" in the subject line. Send the email to

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Step 2

File a ticket through Blizzard's online support. Select "I have an issue with my account" in Step 1, then "I want to change something in my account" in Step 2. In Step 3, explain that you'd like to delete your account. Include your email address in the message. Click "Submit."


Step 3

Call Blizzard's account services department at 800-592-5499 to make your request by phone.



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