How to Delete an Account on Roblox

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As a online kid gaming site with more than 4 million unique monthly users, ROBLOX fuses online social interact with game play. ROBLOX offers a service and a place where kids can play their favorite games with friends as well as make new friends online. If you want to delete an account from ROBLOX for any reason, call or email ROBLOX customer service or ignore the account.


Step 1

Write an email to a ROBLOX customer service representative at In the body of your email, you will need to include a brief explanation for requesting an account deletion. You also will need to include your account email, full name, phone number and address for identification verification.


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Step 2

Contact ROBLOX customer service via phone by calling 888-858-BLOX. You will need to have your account email and personal informational such as full name, phone number and address available for verification when speaking with the customer service representative.

Step 3

Ignore the account and allow it to idle for a full year. After one year, ROBLOX will conduct a system sweep in which accounts that have been inactive for one full year will be erased from the system. All your personal information, such as name, phone number, email address and location will be deleted from the ROBLOX database.




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