How to Fit an Excel Sheet on One Page

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You can shrink or enlarge the data by a specified percentage.
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If you attempt to print a large Excel 2013 spreadsheet using the default print settings, the printer may cut off parts of the spreadsheet. To solve this problem, change the print settings and scale the spreadsheet so that it fits on one page. Excel shrinks the data, so the printout may be hard to read. To avoid scaling the document, manually set the print area.


Fit the Sheet on One Page

Open the spreadsheet in Excel, click "File" and select "Print" to view all print settings. Click the "Page Setup" link to open the Page Setup window. To fit the entire Excel sheet on one page, type "1" into the "page(s) wide" and "tall" boxes. To change the scale factor manually, click the "Adjust to" radio button and then type the value into the box. Select the correct paper size from the "Paper Size" menu and click "OK." Click the "Print" button to print the spreadsheet.


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Manually Set the Print Area

Open the spreadsheet in Excel and select the area you want to print. Click and drag with your mouse over multiple cells to select them. To select several columns or rows, click and drag over the column or row headers. Select the "Page Layout" tab, click "Print Area" in the Page Setup group and select "Set print area." To include more cells in the print area, select them, click "Print Area" and click "Add to print area." Press "Ctrl-P" to open the Print screen and then click "Print" to print the selected areas.