How to Fix a Not Enough Free Disk Space Error

By Stephen Lilley

If you're getting an error message on your computer that says that your computer doesn't have enough disk space, this means that your hard drive is almost filled to capacity. Certain processes that require space on your hard drive are unable to run because the room simply isn't there. You can fix this issue by getting rid of unnecessary files from your hard drive in a number of ways.

Step 1

Uninstall programs that you no longer use anymore. From the Control Panel (in the Start menu), open a program called "Programs and Features." This will show you every program that is installed on your computer. Go through this list, find programs that you no longer use and uninstall them using the "Remove" button at the top of the window.

Step 2

Delete any media files you no longer use as they take up a lot of room on your hard drive. Go through your media file collection and delete anything you no longer listen to or watch. Or, you could back all this content up onto an external hard drive or USB flash drive. This will get everything off of your main hard drive, freeing up as much space as possible.

Step 3

Compress your "C" drive. Open the "Computer" folder (in the Start menu) and right-click your "C" drive icon. In the "Properties" window for this drive, check the "Compress" option and click "Apply." This will compress all the files contained on the drive, freeing up as much space as possible and ensuring that you don't see the not enough disk space error for the foreseeable future.