How to Fix a Toshiba DVD Player

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Fixing a Toshiba DVD player need not be an overly complex process that requires much equipment. Many of the problems that can affect a Toshiba DVD player are problems that generally affect all DVD players. You can fix your Toshiba DVD player in no time, especially if you know how dust impacts the Toshiba DVD player and individual DVD discs.


Step 1

Examine your specific DVD. It may be scratched, and cannot be read by the Toshiba DVD player. Use a cloth to wipe down the disc to clean it and make it usable by your Toshiba DVD player. Do not clean the disc in a circular fashion, but make sweeping motions outward with the cloth from the inside ring of the disc outward.


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Step 2

Check the power connections on your Toshiba DVD player. Make sure the power cord is snugly plugged into the back of the DVD player and the wall outlet. Make sure it is not in any way loose. Also, consider trying another power outlet. The power may not be arriving to the Toshiba DVD player due to the specific outlet, and not the player itself.


Step 3

Look over your A/V connection on your Toshiba DVD player. This connection should be a standard A/V connection that relies on the typical A/V plugs. These plugs are three-pronged and are red, yellow and white. Make sure these plugs are snugly connected into the color-corresponding red, yellow and white sockets on the back of your TV and also on the back of your Toshiba DVD player. Make sure that they are not switched up, and that the red prong is not connected into the yellow socket, for example.


Step 4

Cycle through the available video inputs on your television. To do so, use the "Input" button on either your remote control or the button on the face of the television itself. Sometimes, you will have used an external device on your television, such as a video game system, and forgotten to switch the video input back. It is necessary to adjust the video input to the correct input assigned to your Toshiba DVD player, otherwise it will seem that the player is broken due to a lack of audio and visual display.


Step 5

Consider cleaning the Toshiba DVD player itself. While you may have already cleaned the individual disc you are trying to use, the DVD player itself may need cleaning. Sometimes, dust can build up in the Toshiba DVD player and on the optical lens. Cleaning discs for DVD-players (completely compatible with your Toshiba model) can be bought at Best Buy and similar electronics stores. These can be inserted into your Toshiba DVD player to clean the overall machine.




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