How to Troubleshoot a Memorex DVD Player

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Memorex has developed a long line of successful DVD players, and each different model requires slightly different steps to function properly. Certain common characteristics run throughout every Memorex however, allowing you to perform some basic troubleshooting maneuvers regardless of the model you own. If your Memorex DVD isn't working the way it should, follow these basic steps before replacing it or calling a repairman. It could save you a great deal of hassle (and a fair amount of money to boot).


Step 1

Turn the DVD player off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on again. Resetting the machine is a good way to fix many basic problems. With Memorex DVD players, it may also correct the problem of a rolling picture. U.S. televisions utilize NSTC signals--which differ PAL or SECAM signals used in other places in the world. If the picture rolls, the DVD player may not be set to NSTC. Turning it off and on again should reset the player to the proper signal.


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Step 2

Examine the cable connections in the back of the Memorex DVD player. The cables need to be securely attached to both the output jacks there and the input jacks on the TV. Check both ends to make sure they're connected properly. If the jacks seem dirty, remove the cables and clean everything with rubbing alcohol dabbed onto a paper towel. Finally, most modern TVs have multiple input jacks to handle multiple different components (DVD players, cable boxes, VCRs, etc.). Double check the TV's input signal to make sure it is set to the jacks connected to the DVD.


Step 3

Check the line of sight between the Memorex DVD player and the remote control. The signal from the remote can't pass through any furniture or other objects blocking the DVD. If you change position or move the obstruction, it should work just fine.

Step 4

Examine the DVD itself. Memorex players in the U.S. are usually Region 1 encoded. DVDs from elsewhere in the world may be encoded to a different region, and thus won't play in American DVD players. In addition, if the disc was placed into the player upside down, the player won't be able to read it. The DVD may also be scratched or dirty, or it has not been fitted correctly into the try. Finally, the DVD player may offer certain features, such as 5.1 Surround Sound, which the specific disc just doesn't. Older movies, in particular, may offer fewer options than newer ones.


Step 5

Press the Set-Up Menu option on your Memorex DVD remote, then select the proper type of TV. Memorex offers this option on some of its units in order to anticipate the aspect ratio of the TV (flat screen TVs are typically wider than old tube box TVs). In addition, many modern TVs offer multiple different aspect ratios to handle widescreen movies with a greater amount of clarity. If your image appears distorted or cut off, check the TV remote for a button that adjusts the aspect ratio.



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